About Us

Luxury Cars and Luxury Experience

We take great satisfaction in providing you with a wide range of high-end rental automobiles. Rent a luxury car or a convertible sports vehicle for an amazing evening out, depending on your needs.


We are a Bradford based Limo And Supercar Hire company but supply our services Nationwide.


Limo and Wedding Car hire services available nationwide for all occasions.


Super Car Hire London was founded on the principles of giving our customers precisely what they desire when they require it. We offer the biggest collection of luxury rental vehicles in the UK, and every vehicle has been properly repaired and managed to guarantee your trip is fantastic and unique. Every luxury rental vehicle within our pool is in fine shape, and we have a vehicle to satisfy every potential requirement and desire. You will not find a more up-to-date and extensive fleet of self-drive hiring vehicles elsewhere, and we provide the greatest models available, including Ferrari, Limo Hire in all areas of England UK, Lamborghinis, and BMWs.

Who We Are

At Supercar Hire London, we are a prestigious car hire agency that is truly a one stop shop for all the most luxurious and Supercars out there on the market.
Our services are offered in many of the major cities around the country including London, Leeds, Manchester, Bradford, and Birmingham. Our job is to make the process of selecting the right Supercar Hire London for your special event easier for you by offering not only a wide variety of luxury car brands such as:
Lamborghini Hire London, Audi Hire London, Mercedes Hire London, Rolls Royce Hire London, Ferrari Hire London, Range Rover Hire London, but we also offer the most top tier luxury vehicle services such as helicopters and Stretch Limousines!
Regardless of the type of vehicle that you are looking for to hire for your special event, you name the vehicle, and we have got it!

Our Mission

Our mission is to work and be the top choice for excellence in luxury automobile rental services. Every day, we strive to fulfil our mission by prioritizing the pleasure of our customers, their needs, and their expectations and organizing our operations so that no detail is overlooked.

Our Vision

We aim to dominate our market by establishing outstanding service and developing unsurpassed consumer loyalty

Core Values

• Providers of Top-Notch Services

In our company, quality always precedes quantity, which we take great pride in. We opted to commit ourselves to a few customers to provide them with the finest the marketplace can offer, to ensure always the superior level and the greatest satisfaction, rather than pursuing a huge customer base with the danger of failing and not even being able to assure flawlessly our services

• Personalization

Each client and their wants are distinct and unique from the others. Due to our extensive range of services, we can fully comprehend our customers’ needs and develop the most effective solution to meet their goals.

• Efficiency

We can promptly answer demands of services: our staff are on service in our workplace, ready to depart immediately in case of unanticipated last-minute requirements.


When you, our cherished client, first come to us to find out the type of services we can provide you with, the first thing we do is to ask about you in return. We go out of our way to understand exactly what your requirements are in nitty gritty details, down to the type of event you would like to hire the car for, the number of passengers who will be riding in the vehicle, the date you will need the car, etc.
Doing so helps us help you find the best fit for your needs so that your dream of arriving on a special day in style can come true.

Upon analysing your needs, we put forward a few recommendations with a handful of handpicked Supercars from our fleet, from which you can make your final choice.
Because we care deeply about providing you with the best service experience and making sure nothing ruins the quality of a day this is perhaps among the most special days of your life, we make it possible for you to inspect and compare the cars for yourself in real time or through virtual galleries on our website.
This is done so that you can make an informed decision about the supercar that you hire for your special occasion and make sure your money is invested well, and be confident that your decision will pay off!

Last but not least, once you have decided upon the car that you want to hire for your event, should you feel the need for it, the décor and such of the luxury car can also be customized to meet the theme and concept of the event you will be riding the luxury car to. For instance, say you want to hire a limousine for your wedding day for the bride or groom to arrive in it.
You can have the interiors of the limousine customized such decorations such as in white, to match the exact theme of your wedding for a seamless and cohesive vibe so that everything ties in well together.